Pictured, from left: Shelia L., Wendy R, Holly M., and Lauren L.

The road to recovery isn’t easy. UCHRA’s SAS team offers a 12-week Life Skills course to help those in recovery learn how to navigate their recovery and become more equipped and empowered to navigate life clean and sober.

“We teach and implement mindfulness and grounding,” said Niki Payne, Recovery Coordinator. “The favorite and most difficult for the clients to grasp are self-confidence and self-esteem.”
Each participant is given tools to manage negative emotions, implement communication skills, and participate in healthy relationships. They also receive tools to discover what problems they face and learn to solve them, learn how to identify areas that need decisions made, and are able to make those decisions and stick with them.

“Reaching the completion of this course is a milestone in their recovery,” Payne said. “I, for one, am blessed to facilitate the classes.”

To learn more about UCHRA’s Substance Abuse Solutions (SAS) services and support, visit uchra.org/substanceabuse or call (931) 528-1127.