The Community Intervention Department provides programs that target opportunities within the community to improve its quality of life. This is done through programs that help individuals who are at risk with the correctional system, individuals who are victims of abuse or neglect, and children who are in need of a positive learning environment.

Community Intervention Programs and Services

UCHRA currently operates the CHANCE group home for girls. This facility provides a safe, highly structured, therapeutic environment where each youth knows their value, and with compassion and perseverance, relationships can be restored. This facility provides an opportunity to change their lives and discover their strengths and gain the confidence needed to lead healthy, harmonious, and productive lives when given a second chance. For information, click here or contact the Youth Program Director at (931) 528-1127.

Funded under an agreement with the State of Tennessee, the Adult Community Corrections Program provides an alternative to incarceration for non-violent felony offenders sentenced by Criminal Court Judges. Funded by the Tennessee Department of Correction, this program serves the 13th, 15th, and 31st judicial districts. (Fentress and Cannon counties excluded). For more information, contact the Community Intervention Director at 931-528-1127.

Day reporting centers provide highly-structured, non-residential alternatives that target high-risk and high-need individuals under supervision; providing an alternative to incarceration. UCHRA’s day reporting centers serve the 13th, 15th, and 31st judicial districts and offer a variety of programs and services designed to address rehabilitation, supervision, treatment, education, programming, and re-entry services through a carefully designed curriculum. For more information on either program, call at 931-528-1127.

UCHRA provides driver education classes throughout the year. The training class consists of 30 hours of classroom time and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel drive time plus one hour for a final road test (if applicable). State-certified driver instructors will teach, ages 15 through adulthood, the skills needed to become safe and responsible drivers. Upon successful completion of the driver education course, which includes a road test if applicable, students will be issued documentation that may be used to obtain a Tennessee Driver’s License and a Certificate of Completion. The cost for the training class is $350 per student. UCHRA provides all training materials which include the Tennessee Driver handbook, lesson plans, and a variety of training videos. UCHRA will also provide driver-education cars for all driving hours. DUI School is currently only offered in Putnam County. For more information on either program, contact the Driver’s Education Coordinator at 931-528-1127.
Designed for juvenile offenders, our program helps reduce the number of youths committed to institutions by allowing them to remain in their community under intensive supervision with alcohol and drug treatment, community service work, family and individual counseling, education, and employment assistance. This program is funded by the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services and serves Cumberland, DeKalb, Fentress, Macon, Smith, Warren, and White counties. For more information, contact Community Intervention Director at 931-528-1127.

UC Recovery works with individuals from entry into the program to stability in life.  Our team will work with an individual for up to two years while in the program to help them get their life back from what substance abuse stole from them.

For more information visit the UC Recovery page or contact your local county office.