UCHRA currently operates three Residential Centers: CHANCE for girls, Indian Mound Farm for boys, and Cumberland Mountain School – Youth Impact Center for boys.  The Residential Center’s provide a safe, highly structured, therapeutic environment where each youth knows their value, and with compassion and perseverance, relationships can be restored.  An opportunity to change their lives and discover their strengths and gain confidence needed to lead healthy, harmonious, and productive lives when given a second CHANCE.

The Centers have had the opportunity to serve youth, ages 12 – 18, and their families, primarily from the Upper Cumberland area of Tennessee for over 20 years and the need for such services continues to grow. Services are occasionally provided to additional regions such as: Tennessee Valley, Mid-Cumberland and others. An average of 175 children are served annually.

For information on any of our residential programs, contact the Youth Program Director @ 931-528-1127

Chance Residential Center

CHANCE housing

Opened in the summer of 1988 and has served over 900 girls to date. This site, formerly known as DeBerry Military Academy, used to prepare young men for adulthood and / or military service, is now helping young ladies find normalcy and peace of mind. The Center can serve a total of 24 female youth whose average length of stay is four to six months.The spacious campus has several sizable structures that serve unique purposes. The dining hall, dorm, administrative building, all provide environments that reflect the commitment of caring in providing a safe, nurturing, family-like environment. Not only does the dining hall serve as a place for meals, it is used for large group activities, a game room, weekend visitation for the families and a staff training area.

Dorm loungeThe dorm has a very welcoming feeling with bright colors and friendly décor. The group room contains large over stuffed furniture with TV/ VCR/DVD and game stations for the girls use during free time.  A large mural depicting family, recreation and sports, different landscape scenes showing country life and the lights of the big city, covers the walls in the group room reflecting the girls’ path through life. This mural was painted by the Art Students from Tennessee Tech University. The bedrooms continue in the scheme of bright colors but serve as a place for solitude and individual reflection.

CHANCE libraryThe CHANCE Transitional School is located in the administrative building which contains the auditorium/library and several offices for staff.  The girls also use the auditorium for Music and Art classes, group activities, and an exercise area. The staff utilizes this area for many of the required in-service training’s. The grounds are well maintained and have plenty of space for outdoor games and activities. There is a basketball and volleyball court.

The CHANCE staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of the young females that are placed in our care having the ability to provide the youth with the skills and services to address long term life changing goals.  In a safe, family-like environment young women can grow, find out who they are, what they want out of life, and become successful educationally, emotionally, and socially.  The primary focus is to help each youth succeed in transitioning back to their perspective families and communities with a strength of character they can use to achieve the success in life that they desire and deserve.

The staff undergoes significant initial training before working directly with the girls. Mandatory annual in-service must be completed, as well as several other required training’s: Crisis Intervention, CPR, Positive Discipline, and Suicide Prevention.

Indian Mound Farm

Indian Mound ResidenceNear picturesque Center Hill Lake, Indian Mound was established in 1991, and has touched the lives of well over 1,000 male adolescents and their families. One unique characteristic of this Center is a large three story luxurious residential home that reflects the commitment of caring and provides a safe, nurturing, family-like environment. From this home, the Center has the capacity of serving a total of 16 youth whose average length of stay is four to six months. The 5-bedroom home offers over 6,000 square feet of relaxing and secure living space including a multi-purpose room used for group services, music and art classes and various learning activities.

Indian Mound FarmAs a 118 acre fully operational farm, Indian Mound uses this setting as part of its Educational and Vocational tutoring.  The Vocational component offers Construction Core classes, basic Carpentry, and electrical wiring courses.  Through these classes, students have opportunities to earn vocational credits that count toward the completion of their high school diplomas.  The farm also serves as a place where the youth can learn land management and participate in caring for animals.


Indian Mound WorkshopPrevious vocational building projects consists of: picnic tables, construction of a large cabin located at Lakeside Resort, a FHA home in Smithville, construction of the current Indian Mound School and administrative building and several other renovations at Indian Mound and Lakeside Resort. The students are actively involved in multiple community service projects such as: mowing and maintenance of nearby church cemeteries, helping elderly neighbors with yard/farm work, cutting and donating firewood, trash pick-ups and annual Center Hill Lake clean-up. Also, the students participate in preparing commodity items for distribution to UCHRA clients.


Indiam Mound LoungeThe Indian Mound staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of the young males that are placed in our care having the ability to provide the youth with the skills and services to address long term life changing goals. In a safe, family-like environment young men can grow, find out who they are, what they want out of life, and become successful educationally, emotionally, and socially. The primary focus is to help each youth succeed in transitioning back to their perspective families and communities with a strength of character they can use to achieve the success in life that they desire and deserve. The counseling services combined with the behavior modification and evidence based programs provide an ideal environment for the youth to earn a second “CHANCE!”

Cumberland Mountain School – Youth Impact Center

Cumberland Mountain School

Cumberland Mountain School was opened on April 1, 2009 to serve youth and families from the Upper Cumberland Area. This program is an expansion of the Indian Mound Farm and Residential Center. Many young men were being placed in facilities several hours from home and after several requests from the State of Tennessee Department of Children Services, this new Center was established. It is located on the grounds of the historic Cumberland Mountain School- giving it a unique dual purpose. Not only is it the location for the Youth Impact Center for boys, it also serves as the location for Cumberland County’s Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency office. The original Cumberland Mountain School opened in 1919 and provided a prestigious education for almost 700 students, until it closed in 1938. However, the rich heritage lives on within the new Youth Impact Center enriching the lives of the youth and their families.

Youth Impact groundsThe 25 acre campus provides an ideal environment for the youth to make positive changes in their lives and prepare for the future. Not only is there room for plenty of outdoor recreation, the campus provides a very peaceful setting among the mature oak trees and blooming flowers. The main building contains a modern classroom with up to date technology. Students can continue their education, focusing on the importance of the value of learning.

Youth Reception HallThe tranquil library building serves as the music and art classroom and a visitation area for the families on the weekend.It is an ideal location for staff meetings and trainings. The remodeling and new furniture reflects the home like environment we always try to create and gives the message of compassion and caring to the youth.

Youth Impact HousingThe Paty Lodge is able to house 16 students and serves as the residential living quarters for the youth. Eight bedrooms and very large common area containing game tables, TV/VCR, and video games provides plenty of recreational opportunities.

Facility Programs

Each Center has the flexibility to adapt and address the Individual needs on a case by case basis by providing services such as:

  • Structured behavioral management and intervention system
  • Intensive Out-Patient Alcohol and Drug Treatment
  • Individual and Family Therapy/Counseling
  • Anger Management Groups
  • Life skills and independent-living curriculum
  • Music Therapy
  • Community involvement and Positive Leisure Activities
  • Support and assistance for positive participation in group living
  • Communication/Self-Esteem/Trauma Recovery Groups
  • Opportunities for Religious growth and Spiritual development
  • Staff: Student ratio of 8:1
  • Around-the-clock care and Supervision
  • Licensed Private School; Grades 7-12
  • College entry planning and support
  • Career planning and training

Educational Services

Each Center operates a Category 7- Private School that is licensed and approved by both the Department of Education and the Department of Children’s Services.  They serve students enrolled in grades 7-12, which consist of regular and special education programs.  The schools employ licensed special education teachers, as well as a Vocational teacher at Indian Mound School.

Each school provides students with an educational program designed to lead to a Tennessee High School Diploma or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED).  They offer all courses required for graduation in the state of Tennessee.  Instructional curriculum is designed and implemented in accordance with Tennessee Curriculum Standards.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is offered weekly at all three Centers which is a very effective tool in building self-esteem and providing opportunities for positive expression. We use music as a diversion from peer pressure and negative influences.  Researchers have found that children involved in Music education are more likely to graduate high school and less likely to be involved in gangs and substance abuse.  The variety of individual musical instruments and equipment that is utilized in the Music Therapy program include: Drums, Karaoke, keyboards, guitars, piano and Auto harps. Another part of our Music Therapy program uses interpretive dance which incorporates the use of sign language set to spiritual Christian

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