The Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency (UCHRA) Public Transportation program has been selected by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) to receive $90,000 in funding under the IMPROVE Transit Investment Grant Program. 

“This grant will allow UCHRA Public Transportation to purchase two electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure needed to power them,” said Holly Montooth, UCHRA Public Transportation Director. “We hope that the addition of electric vehicles will help us learn how to incorporate the technology into our operations.”

Per TDOT, the IMPROVE Transit Investment Grant program invests in transit projects and improvements that support ridership, congestion relief, local economies, and demonstrated benefits to safety. Competitive projects will focus on providing a positive impact on system performance, increasing mobility, and delivering long-term value for Tennesseans. 

“An investment of this kind has the potential to not only reduce operational costs but also allows UCHRA Public Transportation to take steps towards becoming more environmentally friendly,” Montooth said. “Public transportation plays a vital role in connecting people with their community, especially in rural areas so we are thankful for any funding opportunity that allows us to improve this service.”